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business website ideas

Some clients want very little input into the design of their website and are happy to leave it to us. Others prefer to outline exactly what they want and work closely with us as during the creation of their site. Either way, many find this page useful to spot designs and features they’d like us to incorporate into their website.

Don’t forget, we have plenty of customer websites for you to look at and more detailed examples of add-ons and features that are available. As always, get in touch to find out more.

Discussing ideas about web design

Web design has so many possible layout, feature and add-on options that it can be tricky to decide exactly what you want. That’s where our web creator skills come in – we’ve experience in a wide range of businesses and have a good idea of what works. We’ll make suggestions based on you, your business and what you want your website to do in terms of visitors.

We have lots of add-ons, tools, widgets and features that we can include, from social media feeds to booking forms. Maybe you want to include a survey on your website or encourage customers to book online.

Contact us to have a chat about website layout ideas.

What features can my website have