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business & design services

Starting a new business? Having a revamp? Need to free up some time? We offer business services such as websites, logos, flyers, brochures, letterheads, email signatures and everything needed for companies to get going and get themselves noticed.

You can find a list of all of our business services below or in the menu under ‘services’ and you can see a full price list here.

If you have any questions about our startup business services or would like to learn more about this package, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Services to help startup businesses and re-launches

website design

We design websites for new businesses and startup companies that provide potential customers with helpful information about your service.

logo design

A company logo is an important part of branding and at one glance gives potential customers an insight into the kind of business you are.

business card design

We design business cards for small businesses and startup companies, reflecting the colour and theme of your website / business.

flyer design

Well-designed flyers can be used to build your brand, promote your website, outline your services, announce a sale or promote an event.

leaflet design

A great alternative to a full-on glossy brochure is the leaflet. It can have the same design as a brochure, of course, but will be cheaper to produce, so it’s a brilliant option for startup businesses.

brochure design

A brochure allows you to go into detail about your business, service or promotion and to present it in an attractive hand-held format. We can create a well-presented design to suit your business style – whether that’s simple bullet points, or jam-packed information. We recommend using your brochure to highlight your main points in a simple, clear, concise way. 


It’s vital that your message comes across well to future customers. We can create short, to-the-point videos that can be embedded into your website as a powerful marketing tool.


We can assist with editorial services and proof reading if required e.g website text, terms & conditions, documentation wording, brochure text, articles, blog posts etc. 


We can help you to fathom how to use documents, spreadsheets, task lists, slideshow presentations, video conferencing, website, email, e-commerce and more.