web design add-ons & features

We’ve put this page together to give you handy links to all of our web design add-ons and features, all in one place.

From examples of live customer websites to page layoutsheaders and footers and posts, to demonstrations of automated events, food order systems and e-commerce shops, you can find everything below or in the menu under ‘demos’.

If you have any questions about our web design demos or would like to see a specific feature in more detail, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

See demos of website design ideas


customer websites

Explore our live customer websites to get an overall idea of how your own website could look and function. We’ll create a design to suit your and your business perfectly.

page demos

Have a look at some page demos showing layout ideas and features for specific business types, such as restaurants, shops, hotels, campsites, hairdressers and more.

headers & footers

See examples of how headers and footers can be positioned according to how you wish to present your website and which widgets or features you want to include.

post layouts

A few ideas as to how you might want to present your individual blog posts. You can create a template so all posts will have the same layout to keep a consistent appearance.


automated events

Example of how you can use the automated events feature to look after upcoming events behind the scenes, ensuring your website is always up to date for visitors.

online food order system

Click the image to be taken to a demo of our online food ordering system that is proving very popular with fast food outlets and restaurants who deliver food direct to customers.

e-commerce shop

We’re working on a few examples of e-commerce solutions for businesses that sell products. Our shops are modern, responsive and based on the Woocommerce system.